Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What's Old is New

Got an order on yesterday from a customer who had bought a haircare item I marketed over five years ago, while still living in Detroit. The item “Topaz” a new style shower cap,  its a great shower cap for those who wear their hair in locs or braided hairstyles and need secure coverage while showering.  She stated, she’s owned her shower cap for about 4 years and wanted a new one, even though the original is still perfectly good. Because my website was down, she tracked me through Facebook, my daughter’s webpage, and  “three other degrees of separation” techniques to get her order to me. Well I’m sewing and designing again and filling her order was a definite pleasure. “Topaz” my shower cap design was the sister design of “CASEY” formally known as, “L.B. Soc”....for locs/braids and more., titled the Original Locs/Braids Hair Snood. Momentum was lost on marketing my products after losing  a 5 year trademark battle with a retail giant (take a wild guess), who claimed my product name would make people think of them instead of African-American hair care products. It took awhile but I’m over it, and I’m BACK.  If you want a great shower cap or a hair snood, send me an email----I’m ready to supply.

“Live with intention. Play with abandon.”
-Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey, American Poet

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