Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Losing It and Finding It Again"

It’s being voiced around that times are getting harder. For my family it’s always been pretty tight. My husband and I have just never been great wage earners, we are for the most part moderate spenders, so everything has always balanced out. We made do. Twenty-seven years later we’re empty nester’s with the feeling of what do we do now? I’m working an e-commerce business, but sales are slow, and my husband does odd handyman jobs now and then. I believe we are part of the great support system of our society, we save and spend our money. The difference in our spending habits is what sets us apart from the fictitious American consumer the media has created. We actually buy things we need, based on our idea of need, not created needs that ad campaigns come up with. Now what if we went back to a society that consumed resources on the basis of realistic need, and not imaginary fulfillment. I’ve been thinking about this concept and really would like to know what others think.

Rub-a-dub three men in a tub, a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker…
-Mother Goose-

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