Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"What was at the Market!"

Well I got a response from my blog on “This Little Piggy Went to Market”. Thank you Lynn of www.lockscrunchie.com, for your comments, and point of view on my opinion on the name “loc soc” becoming a generic term for products in the globally emerging ethnic beauty hair care industry of products by solely owned minority companies. As stated in this blog, a number of companies were highlighted and given proper respect to the products they have designed and marketed, including product name and web address.  Your last statement lets me know you have done and are doing what needs to be done by those of us who have actually pinpointed the needs of our market; you are BRANDING your product name for distinction. That is what I was blogging about, the need to retain our predominance and exclusivity over the marketing of a group of products that “we” (speaking generally about Black hair product designer/manufacturers/marketers) are filling the consumers need for. I think it is a noble task that we as an ethnic group of businessperson have placed in the marketplace a new product identity, a term that is an umbrella for numerous new products and companies. The mannerism of business marketing and consumer habits cause this situation to be, that for consumer’s to identify a product it must and needs a market category. For your products, Deon’s products, my products, Ray’s products, Ms. Adkins’ products it will be “loc soc”. This is not a bad thing, its like any consumer commodity, now that our customers know where to look for us, its up to each one to move forward and show our uniqueness. What I would hate to see happen is we let the market pass from our hand’s to any manufacturer/marketer that would cheapen the product, mass-produce us out of the market and saturate the market, thereby wiping out any realistic price base we have created.


Just think, a dress is a dress, the distinction is, is it a designer original or a ready-to-wear copy, but the classification remains dress. Tires are tires, its up to Goodyear, Firestone, Michelin and other tire producers to present and market their distinctions. Now is the time to continue doing what you and I and others who make the multi-cultural distinctive hair care and hair accessory products, build notable brand identity and leave a business heritage to our heirs.


Denise Reed of  “CASEY”…the Original Loc/Braid Hair Snood and “TOPAZ” a new style shower cap, check out the site at www.denisereed.com





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