Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Not Over, Until I Say It's Over

 Well it always easy to say that life has been moving at the speed of light when there are great gaps in between blog posting. For me, life has been moving at hyper speed---during the month of May, I received news of the final decision on my trademark application for "L.B. Soc"...for locs, braids & more. Since January of 2005, I have been trying to show that my product name in no way made the purchaser of my "hair snood" for the wearer's of locs, braids and more, think they were buying a product endorsed/sold at/associated with, or in any way affiliated with LANE BRYANT stores. Of course in the end LANE BRYANT won. I had to decide early on just how much money I would put into this fight. So I kept my debate to three official briefs, which I researched and wrote myself. Somewhere in the archives of trademark cases is the judgement with my name on it and a fairly expensive bill paid to LANE BRYANT lawyers that prepared and presented over 8 reams of paper evidence to fight a person they never met, over a product name that they would never have dreamed of creating themselves. Well as my daughter put it "Get over it Mom and move on."

So now I'm trying various new names--but mainly my name---I'm shooting for the title/image of the Martha Stewart of hair care needs, to be known as Denise Reed. Watch out I'm back and fully focused. I've just finished reading Mommy Millionaire, by fellow Michigander, Kim Lavine of Grand Haven. The book is truly full of inspiration and meaningful advice for today's new entrepreneur. Reading Ms. Lavine's story/bootstrap business textbook was an eye-opener and an affirmation that success is available to those who look and work toward it. The insight on developing a good firm handshake has served me well many times over of late. To relate an immediate incident where the handshake insight came into play, was at the recent Wayne State University, School of Business Alumni Association Golf Outing held on July 28, at the prestigious Detroit Golf Club. I've just stepped down as the WSU SBA AA board secretary and golf event gave opportunity to "hob knob" with the best of Michigan's corporate players in manufacturing, finance, services, and the auto industry (LEAR Corporation was our title sponsor), as they came together to assist in funding scholarships for Detroit area young people.  I extended my hand with confidence---Its true "Knowledge is power", and wisdom is how you use it. SIDEBAR: The Golf Outing was a great success, and I enjoyed the entire day, knowing that the proceeds of the event will aid "Emerging Leaders of Tomorrow" (scholarship title).

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth liberally to all men, and upbrideth not, and it shall be given him.   James 1:5 
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